You have set foot on this page with a question. A burning question that gnaws hungrily at your brain, like a feral rat in the darkness.

Who is Elaine? Scholars, to this day, lie awake at night pondering such a question. That – or the paradox of the phytoplankton. It’s hard to tell what scholars really ponder anymore.

We must travel back.

Somewhere, in the misty hills of Perth, a baby girl was born – rotund, ravenous and ruthless. In this quiet metropolis, the child developed an identity and learnt the ways of an Australian. As she grew into an adult, she opted for the most volatile, progressive, and stressful career she could find. But – full of exciting people who shared a passion.

To this day she pursues it. She adores the storytelling value of video editing, the practical creativity of production design and the ponderous intensity of producing. The world of filmmaking calls to her with a thin smile, and she calls back. Sometimes she has to leave a message, but that’s okay, she’ll call back at a more convenient time.



Official Bio


Elaine Smith is a freelance filmmaker based in Perth, Western Australia. She specialises in editing, producing and production design. She studied an Advanced Diploma of Digital Cinema at Central Institute of Technology in 2015.

Some of her experience to date includes a number of music videos, short films, commercials, corporates and feature films. Some include: the ABC miniseries “Home: The Art of Ian Strange”, the SBS feature film “Top Knot Detective”, and the trailer for the Revelation Perth Film Festival. She edits on Premiere Pro CC, the Adobe Suite and Avid Media Composer.

More of her work is listed here.

In her down time, she begs for love from dogs, eats noodles and watches films (what else?). She spends her days searching for inspiration in music, books and the people she loves.